Dead Sea Salt Soaks

Dead Sea Salt Soaks

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Dead Sea Salt has been harvested and used in medicine and natural beauty remedies for thousands of years. Cleopatra was all about it! Dead Sea Salt is an extremely therapeutic salt with a very high mineral content, containing 21 vital minerals. This salt has an impressive list of benefits. Some of them include:

~Anti-microbial properties that fight impurities in the pores to help eliminate acne and blemishes.

~Promotes moisture retention for hydrated, plump looking skin.

~Eliminates free radicals in the skin cells.

~Soothes skin irritations and conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

~Reduces swelling, soreness and stiffness in joints.


<<•  Ingredients •>>

Freshies Ingredients:
100% pure Dead Sea salt, peppermint & eucalyptus  essential oils

Flower Forest Ingredients:
100% pure Dead Sea Salt, lavender and palmarosa essential oils

Sage & Rose Ingredients:
100% pure Dead Sea Salt, sage & rose essentials oils, green clay