Sun Kissed After-Sun Spray
Sun Kissed After-Sun Spray
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Sun Kissed After-Sun Spray

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This aloe spray is the ultimate summer skin buddy.
Sun Kissed spray is made with all natural ingredients that work together to reduce redness, swelling, pain and dryness.
Can be used throughout the day to freshen and cool skin in hot, dry climates.
Has a mild, fresh and relaxing scent.


<<• Key Ingredients •>>

• Aloe •
The gel from the aloe vera plant contains many vitamins and minerals that replenish damaged skin. It’s anti inflammatory properties make it an excellent choice for sun damaged skin.

• Witch Hazel •
This product contains alcohol-free witch hazel so it won’t dry out skin but you’ll still get the anti inflammatory and antioxidant benefits witch hazel contains.

• Peppermint Hydrosol •
Provides a anesthetic and cooling effect for skin.

• Lavender Hydrosol •
Regenerates and calms irritated skin.

• Vegetable Gylcerin •
A great water soluble moisturizer derived from plants. Attracts moisture to the skin to replenish and soften.


<<• Full Ingredient List •>>

Aloe, witch hazel, peppermint hydrosol, lavender hydrosol, vegetable glycerin


•>> Magpie Essentials is a small batch apothecary that uses fresh, natural ingredients for effective skincare.
•>>We offer our products in reusable glass jars or recyclable materials. Shipping packaging is reused materials whenever possible.
•>> Every ingredient is carefully selected and has its purpose.
•>> Magpies products never use parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or synthetic dyes.
•>> Any natural product could still cause skin irritations if you are allergic and a patch test should always be performed prior to use.
•>> If you have any issues with your order please contact me and I’d be happy to sort it out.
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